Saturday, October 10, 2015

@ Thirty Five !! :)

        35 years!!! Cannot say I fall in which category!!  old? (For big kids call me aunty..sometimes grown ups too!!!) or young?( some people, (including some kids) do feel calling me sis!!.)...What so big deal in this??  right?. Personally I would be happy that I belong to both categories and getting influenced by all age group of people. and after 5 years, I exclusively belong to matured elder class..So right now?? Enjoying 35..:)
       By Gods grace It was a smooth journey and I am very grateful to him for blessing me with wonderful family. " I AM" is not only me, but my husband, kids, parents, in laws, brothers, sisters, friends and also some unnamed affectionates without whom there is no "ME". All I can say is LIFE IS REALISATION. Every day, every hour, every minute we become a part of realisation until the end of our journey. The realisations  meant only to us and perceived only by us.
       I have observed and perceived some truths in my journey and would like to share it with you guys :).
  1. I have realised that feelings are transient in nature. If you are feeling happy, just celebrate right at the moment , you will not feel the same tomorrow, sad? just hang out, it will fade away. started to being in love? express, Feeling motivated? begin the work today. Feelings matter only for the time being. So REACT.
  2.  It is very strange fact that without any obvious reasons we like some persons very much and for no reasons we dislike some persons strongly. So the people we choose in our life mostly based on some covert yet perceptive waves of feelings but there need not be any logical reason.
  3. Household chores are those trivial matters which are enough to swallow whole of our lives!!
  4. Long, relaxing and a lazy breakfast is worth a million which helps a good start otherwise you can feel that restlessness entire day.
  5. Sometimes Small get-togethers with your favorite relatives or friends make you more happy and secured than attending big functions which at times make you feel isolated and insecured.
  6. Wider your vocabulary the more confident you are. The skill of presenting yourself to the world in a right time in a right way is definitely your biggest strength.
  7. In a life it is very hard to get like minded people. If you have a bunch of them around you means you are the luckiest.
  8. Change is the essence of life, and rule of world. But I doubt , any person can change himself entirely against his instinct. He can change up to the extent his instincts support.
  9. If we want a healthy body and mind, we need to be "work conscious" Rather than "Health conscious".
  10. Slowly I have realised that inner pulp of a person is more attractive than outer shield. 
  11. Finally got rid of " I am some what special" attitude, and have experienced the happiness of being humble.
  12. Parenting is a course where in the cerificates are given by kids when they grow up!! It is very hurting if our beloved kids give us low grades. :( 
  13.  Finally realised that beauty parlours, face packs, facials all are dumb!!  hahaha... All we need is good moisturisers.
  14. Down-to-earth people are not silly. In fact they are worth respecting because keeping ourselves down to earth always is really not easy.
  15. Real love never fades. 
  16. This is the truth I have found through years that you can not exactly distinguish between Rights and Wrongs. In some situations, being right proves wrong!! and in some situations being wrong is right!! Therefore you need not be Mr. Right always. you need to be situational.
  17.  Nature is the best stress reliever. 
  18. I could not improve my self confidence until I stopped being too self conscious!! Being too self conscious is not at all necessary. It becomes a hindrance in whatever you try to do. People are too busy to keep thinking about you.
  19. I get surprised why many people have the problem with accepting others' talents. Why cant they admire good people? Why cant they honestly appreciate? Don't they feel good when they are appreciated? Then why some people are busy in nagging, making people hurt?.....???
  20. I have come across many people who are benefit motive. Yes, people have become benefit motive, and the ratio is increasing making us believe, "every one is interested only in their own profit and Not to believe any one". But still there is good proportion of people who are really good at heart, and we are not able to see them.I have vowed myself not to judge anyone by prejudiced opinions. Every one deserves a second chance.
                             Whoever reading this, is an asset I have procured in my list. Thank you very much.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

GROWING with kids

           This morning, Karan was too upset.He couldn't stand his sister wearing HIS trousers! He started complaining and shouting at her. I intruded and said it was me who gave her his trousers to wear since I couldn't find one of her. He argued she has got dozens, how couldn't I find one. Honestly that night I really didn't take trouble of searching, I just came up with one of Karan's trouser and gave Tanisha to put on. But I was not in a position to accept it now. Thats why I reminded him about once he told that he didnt like THAT trouser at all then why is he so bothered about it now. My point was let that trouser pass on to Tanisha. This idea made the scene still more worse. Karan got depressed thinking that I am COVERING her..his argument was can he wear Tanisha's dress to make it even!!? Well..there is a point!! This issue of clothing cannot be evened out just like other things do.

          One more thing that bothers kids above ten years old that they don't like their parents to take decisions REGARDING them WITHOUT their CONSENT!! Arguments went on until I confessed. I tell you one secret if you want your kids to listen to times you too have to listen to them and agree with them!! Or atleast pretend.

           The situation got better knowing that breakfast was Poori. Pooris are universally accepted as kids' favourites. Karan was super happy for his graph of popularity would rise up today since he would be the most demanding boy for his HOMEMADE tiffin at recess time. You believe it or not hardly three or four boys bring homemade eatables in his whole class. Since lunch is provided by school, parents wouldn't care much about food for tiffin box. Rest of the kids usually bring stuffs like biscuits, chips, nuts, and also other junks. So kids in his class fall for homemade foods.
This kind of reaction towards eatables started in fifth standards I guess. Because Tanisha still demands for FANCY food for her tiffin box. Whatever... Karan is kind of proud of me for this reason.

           The last Sunday, we went out for a movie. I put on  my new T Shirt and jeans. When it comes to grooming, Kids love to see me in trendy outfits especially Tanisha, provided she should give approval that I am neither overdressed nor underdressed but just the optimum. Tanisha is always conscious about my dressings that I always should look atleast OK. This happened the other day too. Tanisha started grumbling that my T Shirt is too plain and not looking good. Karan too added that colour is too sober. I tried to ignore and said  "Thats no problem, I am fine with this. and also who is going to watch me anyways..." Karan said unruffled "Amma, whoever you show up they see you"!!! Finally I would not have to explain what happened next. Tanisha started advising me what to wear with jeans and what not and what should be my hair style as if I have come from Dwapara yug or something like that.But whatever to be frank I cannot disobey her totally.. But anyway I love kids that way. May be  kids find MOM as their very representative of family because I never seen kids anytime worried about their father's dressing!! I have noticed in many families, especially daughters are more conscious about moms when they go out together. But still I dont think after five years, they ever care about my looks!

           The other day, I was checking over some clothes on some online shops. Kids were busy in some activities. A beautiful ethnic  selwar caught my eyes and I just said ‘WOW!!’ It might have grabbed Karan’s attention. He looked surprised. Leaving behind all his works he peeped  in to laptop and asked  what did I say WOW for. I was not interested to explain all just said that it was some dress. He said “ show me mom, If you have said WOW means it must be some extra-ordinary one!!” I was little puzzled and asked him back how can he say that. The answer was very interesting.  He replied, “mom, you hardly exclaim on things. You never say WOW to each and everything like some people do. You exclaim only when its not only awesome but a SUPER AWESOME one!!”  I was really surprised!  It made me think of myself . Am I so LESS expressive!!? Am I kind of person not easily get pleased!!? I REALLY was not knowing this.

          Karan had convinced me one of my disposition. I kept revising things of my past to prove myself that If am I demonstrative kind or not.  I have to admit that Kids know me better than I know myself.  You can try it. When you want to know your other side, just ask little kids who know you well. They are straight and honest judges. They will surprise you by revealing things about you that no one ever noticed em until then, not even you!!  Just dare once to listen it.

         I am rearing kids but its true that they are helping me to GROW as well. They are helping me not to turn MORON by being so unconnected to the outer world. Children keep our clock ticking. Make our world moving. Indeed parents and kids inspire mutually. This is not a conclusion or something. This is a PAGE of my book. A point in my life.